Rescued Breeder Dog Karas Finds Her Forever Home

Karas success photoThis is Karas. I hope you remember me. I’m the 9 year old breeder dog that was fostered by Portia, and found my forever home a year and a half ago with Jack and Colleen Collins. A lot has happened to me in that time and I thought I’d share it with you.

When I was first adopted, I wasn’t fully housebroken. In fact I didn’t even know you could pee on grass. I always peed on the cement, just like I used to. But my mentor dog, Rory, who I love to death showed me it’s OK to pee in the yard. Now, I haven’t had a mistake in a year, and I can even pee on command when told to do so. I was afraid to walk through doorways, didn’t know how to go up or down stairs, wouldn’t socialize, didn’t know how to play with toys, dogs or people, and I wouldn’t even go in the same room as my people. I have conquered most of those obstacles, but I’m still working on the playing thing.

I did have some separation issues, but not anymore. Now I can be left alone with Rory for hours at a time. I have my own window by the front door and I can sit and watch the neighbors go by, dogs being walked, squirrels running around, etc. Mom and Dad have even provided me with a dog bed in 3 rooms, and I must say, napping is one of my favorite things to do. My most favorite thing is to sit by my window in the late afternoons and watch for Mom’s car to come home from work. When I see her car, I start dancing and barking with excitement and joy.

I also come when called, shake hands when asked, lie down when told, give kisses when asked, and even speak when asked. I go on daily walks with my owners, and only have a leash on because it’s the law. Without a leash I would walk by the owner’s side. On our walks, I LOVE meeting new people.  I love living and learning here. I am very treat driven and work hard to learn new lessons. I am very fortunate to have a great mentor dog, and my owners even let me go to daycare once in a while. I still don’t know how to play but I enjoy being around the dogs.

I just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you to As Good As Gold for getting me my home sweet home. I hope that this letter helps more people understand that commercial breeder dogs have unlimited potential. You just need a little love and patience. The reward for my owners is beyond words. We make a great team. If you want to see any of my accomplishments, just ask and we’ll send a video. The above picture is of me and Rory, my BFF.

Your friend furever,

As Good as Gold helps many breeder dogs like Karas throughout the year, and they all need someone to love them.  Here are several other dogs available for adoption that came from an environment similar to the one Karas experienced. They each will need a fenced in yard and another dog in the home that can serve as a mentor.  In addition, someone should be home more often than not.  Please consider the rewarding experience of adopting one of these beautiful girls.

Currently available breeder dogs include:








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