There are many reasons you may need to give up a golden retriever. Maybe you’re moving from a big house and yard to a small condo in another state or your new spouse is allergic to your golden. Maybe a bad situation has changed your life or your dog snapped at your baby who has just learned to crawl . If you’re wondering what to do with your golden retriever, please contact us. We can help you!

What if you know about a golden in need and want to help? Maybe you see an ad at your vet’s office or in the newspaper about people giving away a golden. Maybe a friend who works at an animal shelter mentions a golden that’s due to be “put down” if no home is found, or you catch a stray golden in your neighborhood. Please contact us. We can help you!

Please let us know if you need to give up your golden retriever or know of one in need of help. We have been rescuing golden retrievers in need since 2003. To date, that is over 3,415 goldens.

We make no judgments when someone gives up a golden retriever.

You can reach us via phone, email or the form below.
Phone: 630-588-0115

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What happens next?
  • We’ll talk with you on the phone, and also do an in-person assessment to ensure the dog is likely to be adoptable.
  • We’ll be ready to schedule any veterinary care that may be required and provide transportation. We’ll begin to formulate plans about which one of our foster homes might be the best “transition family” for the dog. The dog will live in a home with a foster family while we learn about the dog’s personality and needs so that we can find the right match in a “forever home.”
  • If you’re the dog’s owner, we’ll ask you about critical information like age, health, veterinary records, behavior issues, and other details to determine if and how we can help.
  • When an owner surrenders their dog to us, ownership rights are relinquished to our organization.
  • We’re here to help the dog get into a stable situation right away, and into a new home well suited to providing it with a long, happy, healthy life. Be sure to pack up any of your dog’s toys, leashes, food bowls, etc. as familiar things to help with the transition process.