Are you ready to adopt a golden retriever?

As Good as Gold has rescued over 3,415 golden retrievers since May, 2003. At any given time, we have 35-40 dogs, ages six months to 14+ years of age, being cared for in the private homes of foster volunteers.

Not every dog that is available for adoption will be featured on our website. Sometimes, we can match dogs to approved adopters very quickly, so those dogs will not be featured.

If you are interested in adopting, and want to find out more about our adoption policies, start here.

Goldens Available for Adoption

Coming Soon Golden Retrievers

These dogs are not yet ready for adoption but are anxious to introduce themselves to AGaG’s website visitors! All of the dogs are currently in foster homes while their needs are being addressed by their loving foster parents and the expert help of our veterinarians.

Some dogs have medical conditions ranging from ear infections to being heartworm positive; some are fearful due to their prior living conditions; all are seeking a stable place to adjust to their new situations. Stay tuned as these dogs complete their journeys through foster care and become ready for their forever homes.

If you would be interested in adopting a heartworm positive dog and guiding it through its heartworm treatment, please contact us at adoptions@asgoodasgold. In order to be eligible, one must complete AGaG’s adoption process which includes an application and a home visit interview. To learn more about heartworm and its treatment, contact us.

Our Coming Soon Goldens

If you don’t see any dogs in our Coming Soon section please check back.

Golden Retrievers in Long Term Care

Adopted Golden Retrievers