As Good as Gold’s Dog Programs represent the core of our mission and work to support the rescue, rehabilitation, care, and adoption of golden retrievers and golden mixes. Thanks to our members’ efforts and networking with other rescue groups, As Good as Gold has grown over the years from a local rescue group to a statewide reach, coordinating with rescues across the country including Minnesota, Arkansas, and Texas, as well as overseas. We relocate dogs from commercial breeders and work to ensure that no dog falls through the cracks. We never turn a dog away because of age or medical needs.

All of our many programs are 100% run by our team of dedicated volunteers, led by experienced volunteer leads, and overseen by the organization’s Board of Directors. Together we rescue dozens of dogs each year, both domestically and internationally, working in close partnership with many other animal rescue and welfare organizations.

We take great care in designing and managing our Dog Programs, which run along the entire continuum of dog rescue and placement within forever homes. Each program operates with a strong commitment to continuous improvement, good stewardship of the resources provided by our generous members and donors, and maximizing our charitable impact. Our goal is to provide a positive difference and good experience for everyone we work with – and especially the dogs under our care.

Learn more below about some of our Dog Programs below.

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Life Saving Medical Treatment

Dog Intake

As Good as Gold will rescue any dog, regardless of age or medical condition, who has the potential for a good quality of life and hasn’t shown aggression while in the care of the relinquishing owner or shelter or during the temperament test. 

Our Intake program works with families and shelters to accept relinquished goldens and golden mixes. Our first goal is always to see if we can offer any advice to help the owner keep their dog. However, in those instances where the best interests of the dog are for it to be placed in our care, we initiate an in depth process led by our Intake Coordinator to assess the dog’s history, health, temperament, and any special needs. Our team reviews all information and conducts an in-person temperament assessment by a trained assessor prior to accepting ownership of any dogs.  

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Dog Medical Care

Every dog brought into AGaG is medically evaluated by one of AGaG’s approved veterinarians. The Intake Coordinator and Medical Coordinator will decide what each dog needs medically after reviewing the veterinarian records provided by the relinquishing family or shelter. All dogs receive a thorough wellness testing panel, standard vaccinations, and spay or neutering, unless relinquishing owner or shelter have proof that the item has been done.

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Dog Fostering

Our Foster program serves to provide temporary transitional homes to dogs who come into AGaG care. The Foster program is led by our Foster Coordinators, supported by a team of Foster assistants and a network of generous foster families. Each foster home is given a handbook, significant training, and ongoing support from the Foster program team. A foster dog is typically given two weeks to adjust to its foster home before determining if it is ready for immediate adoption or if it needs to be placed on medical or behavioral hold to help the dog get ready for its adopted forever home. 

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Dog Adoption

The goal of our Adoption program is to ensure that each AGaG golden retriever is adopted into a home best suited for the golden’s personality, activity level, and particular needs. Our Adoption Coordinator makes every attempt to match available golden retrievers with the gender, age range, and temperament requested by adoption applicants. Dog adoption is a careful process, working collaboratively with our Adoption program team, foster homes who have learned the dog’s temperaments, and adoption applicant families. 

This includes working closely with the Foster program to best determine the specific dog’s unique set of requirements, as well as conducting home visits for all potential adoption homes. Our team of home visit volunteers reviews every adoption application and makes an in-person home visit, working diligently to understand the conditions and chemistry within each home under consideration for placement of a golden—reviewing thoroughly each home visit report, repeatedly scouring the list of families to select a household that most approximates the ideal environment for the dog. 

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