• A stable mentor dog – one that I can follow and watch to know what things are ok and not scary
  • Someone who is home often
  • A fenced in yard – since leash walking is scary

I am a special 5-year-old girl and I am looking for my perfect family that will love me and understand my needs.  I haven’t had much exposure to the normal things that dogs experience which makes the world a very scary place for me.  I lived in a crate or kennel up until coming to As Good as Gold and was a mommy.  Now my mommy days are over and I am slowly coming out of my shell.  I am learning that things don’t need to be so scary with the help of my foster parents and the resident dog in my foster home.

It’s taking me some time to learn that walks are ok.  I do better taking walks at night time, maybe because it’s dark and harder to see the scary things.  During the day, I will only go about 2-3 houses away from home and then I want to go back to where I am comfortable.  I am getting better about going through doorways to go outside too and enjoy being in the fenced in yard.

I have started to join foster mom and dad in the evenings and follow the lead of my foster brother.  When he gets attention or special treats, I now try and get the same things and will even let out a bark to let foster mom know I want some treats.  Toys are new to me and seem like fun.  I have figured out how to empty the toy bucket of all the toys.  It keeps me busy at night time when I like to be awake.  I have a new found confidence in the late night hours and will check out the house to see if there is anything I can snatch and chew on.

I have been approaching foster mom and dad more but with strangers I am still reserved.  If there is too much activity, I retreat to my safe place in the crate to watch from a distance.  I like my predictable routine and have started to play and interact with my foster brother.  Little by little I am finding out that there are so many good things about this golden life that I missed out on for so many years.

I have hip dysplasia and also have some issues with my bladder so I have to go potty more frequently.  The vet started me on medicine called Adequan which helps my hips and my bladder and I am starting to become more active and better at waiting more to go potty.

Fearful dogs like me take a loving home with a lot of patience.  I still have so many things to learn and may never be a normal dog, but each baby step I make is a milestone to a dog like me and it’s so rewarding.  Are you ready to watch me slowly blossom?