Young, two year old, wavy-haired blonde boy, Cisco came to AGaG from a shelter where he was turned in. Cisco is a fun loving, sweet dog that had some typical ‘Golden Retriever’ behaviors that needed some fine tuning. Enjoying a challenge, his new Mom fell in love with Cisco and couldn’t resist adopting him.

Cisco has already learned some new manners and has graduated from his first obedience class. His mom reports that ‘Although Cisco didn’t get to wear a cap and gown, he got lots of graduation gifts from his new Aunt & Uncle (who happen to be AGaG foster parents!) and his new Grandpa.’ Way to go Cisco!



We adopted him a year and a half ago when he was 9 and absolutely adore him! The whole reason I wanted a golden retriever was because my 7th grade classroom was decorated with pictures of all the golden retrievers my teacher had in her life. It took a year to actually get my big lovable dog but it was worth it. Clifford is one of a kind, although he can be stubborn at times, he is caring and one of the sweetest dogs. He gets along with my other two dogs great, loves munching on ice and catching food in his mouth along with long walks. Since he knows exactly where the park is, he manages to pull me there. I am so grateful he is in my life and wouldn’t be complete without him!


We adopted Comet (his name was Butch before). He is a very loving, kind, and gentle boy, is great with anybody and will cuddle anytime. We are very happy with him. He loves to run around and play with his bone. He carries a pillow in his mouth which makes him look adorable! He has been a fantastic addition to our family. He has many friends in the neighborhood and goes for nightly walks with my husband. The kids play with him a lot, as do their friends.

We thank the As Good as Gold President for taking such good care of him and letting us adopt him. We also thank our friend who fostered him, and just happened to mention him at dinner one night last year.



I adopted Cooper from AGAG many years ago.  Originally, the plan was to foster her, but of course, she wormed her way into our hearts.  Coopies, as we call her, was brought to our house as a relinquished “golden retriever”.  Obviously, she is part golden (maybe) part border collie we think.  She loves to swim, and is obsessed with playing w/tennis balls – whether it be chasing, catching, or scalping the fuzz off of them.  She’s been an amazing addition to our dog family.  Thanks, AGAG, for bringing her into our lives!


We lost our golden A-Maizy Grace at nine years old to cancer. We found As Good as Gold and everyone we met along the way to adoption was wonderful.  AGaG made sure we would be good dog owners and found the right dog for our family.  We had read about dogs from puppy mills that need rescuing, so we were excited that a golden girl chosen for our family was rescued from one where she was bred for most of her 7 years.  It was love at first sight!  She is sweet, loving, gentle and smart and everyone she meets falls in love with her.  Our priority now is to give her a wonderful life and to share her joy and love with those who need some of her golden sunshine.  We named her Cozy, and we hope that is what she will be for the rest of her days.


Here is Dakota, our wonderful new Golden (since Aug 15). We have had Goldens for almost 40 years, until we lost our last two a day apart in May. Dakota has totally brightened our lives. We only feel bad for the family that had to give up such a wonderful dog. We are retired, and he is our constant companion. The pictures show him enjoying life at our lake house.


In 2006 we fostered then adopted a 9 month old puppy named Divot.  Divot was givn up by his owner who had adopted him from a shelter that has a three-strikes – you’re out policy.  He first went to the shelter from a pet store, was adopted out by someone, brought back and adopted out by the family that gave him to AGaG.  They knew that if they brought him back to the shelter he would be put down.  Divot’s family didn’t care for his puppy behavior, as he would be left in the back yard bored all day and tear up their fresh sod.  So they contacted AGaG and then found us.  We enrolled Divot into Narnia pet class and he did two classes, regular and advanced.  If it weren’t for AGaG we wouldn’t have this beautiful and loving ball of cuteness!  Thank you!


Tall, blonde and handsome, isn’t that what many are looking for in a mate? Well, that’s what Divot’s new family was looking for anyway and that’s what they found when they came to AGaG looking for a new companion to adopt.

Having lived in a shelter for a short time, Divot quickly learned that he much preferred the life of luxury. His new ‘Golden’ sister, cocker spaniel mate, and new ‘Human’ brother to play with, he’s found heaven. Currently in the upper levels of intermediate obedience, Divot is learning lots of new manners and is the ‘Clown’ of his new family. His new adoptive family reports that he is just the biggest lover ever and they just adore their new family member. They say they couldn’t have asked for a better match!



We have had two female goldens in the past, and after our last one was lost to cancer, we started looking to rescue a young golden. When we went to meet Faith she greeted us with hugs, and we knew right then that she was coming home with us. We don’t know a lot about her past, other than she was found in Chicago, but she has quickly become the “Queen” of the house, and thinks that the world revolves around her! She loves going for walks, trying to chase squirrels, going in the car, playing, and she thinks that she is a lap dog, which at 55 pounds is a bit of a stretch, but that doesn’t seem to bother her. She is truly a great dog and a great addition to our family.


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