We adopted Finley from AGaG in October 2007 after losing our beloved 10 year old golden in September. We knew Goldens were the breed for us and we wanted a rescue, so we headed to Petco to get the adoption process started.

Finley made herself right at home from the start. She’s still a puppy and loves to play catch/fetch. She loves water and looks longingly at the shower door, trying to figure out how to get in! Finley loves watching Animal Planet – she runs up to the TV to watch, sit and bark at other animals. She loves to ‘Roo roo’ at us, snores like a truck driver, and enjoys romping in the snow. AGaG knows what they are doing when they place a dog. Finley is perfect for us and we’re SO thankful!


We got Ginger about 1 1/2 years ago. When we went to pick her up, she just had puppies and had surgery with a horrible ear infection and allergies and she still walked right up to us with those loving eyes and stood up on her back paws to greet us! It was love at first sight! Her allergies are now under control and she is a happy companion with our other Golden, Tess, they both adore each other. Ginger is just happy all the time and wants to cuddle and sleep with us every night. Thank you As Good as Gold, for bringing her into our lives, she is truly a gift from above. We are so grateful for this organization, you do a terrific job!


After adopting Ginger four weeks ago, she has really settled into our home and has accepted our other two dogs very well. She loves to be cuddled, can’t get enough of playing with stuffed toys and has even started to run with our other two dogs trying to get toys away from them and inviting lots of doggy play time. When we mention it is time for a walk, for lack of a better word, she goes bananas. She loves our back yard and is constantly chasing squirrels and rabbits. Our sincerest thanks to AGaG, for such a wonderful addition to our family.


Harper has been the most wonderful addition to our family!  When AGaG called me, I was so excited because the dog seemed to fit exactly what we were looking for.  We drove about 2 hours that weekend to see her and couldn’t resist bringing her home right away.  I am so grateful to the organization for bringing Harper to us.  We always get stopped about how sweet she is and I love telling her story.  She is a kind, loving (sometimes mischievous) pup that loves belly rubs and chasing bunnies in our neighborhood.  She has quickly become a very special part of our family!



We fostered Hollie with the option to adopt since April. Hollie fit in from day one, already housebroken. We leash trained her with the goal of allowing her to run free on our property when we are outside.

Hollie does barn chores with me every day – we clean stalls, feed the horses and cats, groom horses, and turn horses out and bring them in. Hollie loves to go fishing and mushroom hunting with Buddy, and Buddy loves having a ‘fishing’ dog as a partner!

Hollie barked and growled at the horses at first, but no more! Hollie is indifferent toward our cats, and very loving and playful. She plays with the toys and sleeps on the bed sent by her previous family. Hollie is Happy and Loved!


We visited Honey at her foster home – my daughter loved her, but she was pretty scruffy. After we brought her home she became ill and sad. She brought her toys into my bedroom and moped for days. Then came diarrhea, but after days of IVs and vet trips she got better. We had a fun winter of cuddling and long walks. Spring storms made her anxious, and despite medication, thunder shirts and even a dog therapist more trips to the emergency vet followed.

Honey has brought an enormous financial burden into our lives – but – there isn’t a better dog in the world or one who is loved more! I believe Honey is an angel sent from heaven to love us and be loved by us. I wouldn’t trade her for a million dollars. Honey is our baby and without a doubt was the perfect dog for us. She brings joy to everyone she meets. Every family looking for a pet should give AGAG a try.



Here is Jack, we rescued him in 2007 from your wonderful rescue. He brought so much joy to our lives in the six years we were lucky enough to share with him. He was quite the traveler, from Macinac Island to the Great Smokey Mts. Jack was a pleasure to everyone he met. Thank you…



My family had to put our Golden down 2 years ago when she was 15. We knew we wanted another Golden, but didn’t want a puppy. We were happily surprised when we got 5 year old Hunter through AGaG. He was shy at first and very “chubby”. He is now down to a healthy weight and has acclimated very well. He loves trotting around the house with pillows and bringing them to us as gifts. He also loves shoes and items of clothing, though he never chews on anything. Hunter, once lazy; now loves chasing chipmunks, squirrels, and birds. He truly is our “shadow” and always is where we are. We are amazed with his wonderful personality and temperament, and honestly couldn’t be happier. Knowing that we have given him a better life is extremely rewarding!

 Jack & Jill

We lost our beloved Golden, Maggie in January 2009. We were lost without her. A friend suggested adoption and told us about AGAG. We went on the website and found out they were going to be at a Petco in Orland Park. We attended the Petco Meet & Greet two weeks later.

We talked to so many wonderful volunteers, met their adopted goldens and heard all their success stories. Our minds were made up; we wanted to adopt from AGAG.

Two months later, we have two beautiful four year old Goldens named Jack & Jill. They are brother and sister. They came to us very well trained and so loving. They were overweight, but after daily walks and a doggie diet, they are now in great shape. We couldn’t imagine life without them. Thank you AGaG!

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