Ten years ago we adopted Jake. He was two when he came into our lives, big (165lbs) and lovable. He favored the ladies would fetch balls day. He also loved to go for walks around the neighborhood with his “partner in crime” Dolly, a little Bassett hound. They both got me through some very difficult days after my wife passed. Their companionship gave me a reason to carry on. Without them, the house would have felt very empty. Dolly passed away in November and three months later, Jake was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and passed away in January. Their love and companionship for the three years after my wife died, allowed me to move on with my life. Thank you AGAG for giving me the best dog I could ever have wished for.


 Jake & Hailey

Jake and Hailey were given up in December 2009 and became my Christmas and Birthday gifts. I had always adopted senior goldens, but decided to foster a younger pair. Raised together, 6-year-old Jake and 5-year-old Hailey are very loving and cuddly. They are inseparable, playing with the same toys, finishing each other’s food, and cleaning each other’s ears. Jake is 92 pounds of muscle and an expert escape artist. In March, he found his way to Lake Osborne and went swimming, chasing ducks and geese. Hailey followed, of course. We keep Jake under control now with a gentle leader and he’s a great boy. Hailey is smart and curious, learns tricks easily and always gets her way. She has very bad hip arthritis and was overweight, but she has lost 22 pounds and now is a bundle of energy. She could be a Jennie Craig model! Her orthopedic vet is amazed and thrilled. She’ll need surgery in the future but for now she’s a slim lady enjoying life. They both love veggies (Brussels sprouts are their favorite), runs in the dog park, and a mile or 2 walking every day. Thanks to AGAG for bringing them to us!


Hi, my name is Chelsea (on the bottom) and I am a 6 1/2 year old golden retriever. Several months ago, my family decided that it was time that I get a new friend. ‘Jenna’, an adorable 2 year old golden soon came bounding through the door, and ever since we are like ‘peas and carrots’.

We adopted Jenna in August. When my parents go to work during the day, I teach Jenna everything I know. I’ve taught her how to get on the couch, steal dad’s socks, and take afternoon naps on mom and dad’s bed. Thank you As Good As Gold for giving me my new best friend!


Kasey is a very pretty petite, reddish colored one year old female that came to AGaG as a stray.

Now that she is living with her new family, Kasey realized that life on the run wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. She much prefers her new life with her three new canine companions to romp and play with and her two new human sisters to get lots of hugs and kisses from.

Her new mom reports that Kasey has become best friends with and is inseparable from her new sisters. She spent her first Easter with her new family hunting eggs and getting lots of love! Kasey is a wonderful sweetheart who deserves the good life she now has!

 Lady Girl

Last year we lost our beloved Casey Girl at 15. We have been AGAG members for a few years and AGAG paired us up with Lady Girl. She had some health issues that her owners couldn’t handle, so AGAG stepped in to treat her. She then stayed with a fabulous foster family as she healed. We have had her for a month and couldn’t love her more. She knows her manners inside and outside (unless of course she sees a squirrel or chipmunk and her sparky personality comes out). She is fun to watch playing with her toy squirrel, flipping it in the air and pouncing. We thought we wanted a younger dog, but are so pleased with her calm temperament and we trust her in the house without being crated. Thank you so very much As Good As Gold!


I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how happy we are with our rescue. Logan is about 14 months old now, and doing so well and having a ball. My daughters are able to walk him and we have found other dogs for him to play with. He truly is a great addition to our family!


We adopted Lucy (originally Lily – on the left) a month ago. Lucy is a larger golden who has a heart as big as she is. She loves to play with her new golden brother who thinks that she is just the best thing next to dog treats! Her forever ‘human’ family adores her. She’s an 80-pound lap dog who cuddles on top of you and once she’s comfortable she’s NOT MOVING and neither are you! Some people have told us that we gave her the ‘gift’ of a great home but we believe she was a gift to us. Lucy’s love is unconditional as ours is to her. Thank you AGaG for the opportunity to adopt such a wonderful ‘gift’ into our family.

 Madison & Cricket

We first took in Cricket in 2007 and had to get Madison early 2008. Now the girls are best buddies and we love them so much! We don’t know what would have happened to them without As Good as Gold. Thank you!


Hi, my name is Mandy and I want to share my new life with you! I lived in a home where I was loved, but didn’t get enough exercise and was fed too much.

My new family all love me like crazy. My Mom walks me everyday and I have lost 15 pounds.

I LOVE to swim in my new pool and will fetch the ball out of it as many times as someone will throw it! I love everything about my new life. I greet my new family, follow them from room to room and want to be the center of attention, just like a golden should be. Thanks to my first family and to AGaG for helping me find my forever home!


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