My name is Marcy, and my family adopted me in 2009. I had been adopted before, but they were allergic to me.  I was with another owner before that, but their other dog didn’t like me. My forever family takes care of me and loves me lots. I’m a big scaredy-cat, and I flip out at the sound of thunder.  I don’t like dog parks, because the other dogs are very wild. But I am very loving and want to always be with my family.  I am very protective – sometimes when the doorbell rings, I bark at the bathroom door. I love walks and rides in the truck. I am actually half human, because I sit in the passenger seat when I take a ride in the car, I sleep on my owner’s bed, and retrieving is just silly to me. My family loves me and I love them back. Thank you AGaG!



We lost our Golden, Owen, on April 15th 2009. Max joined our family on August 29th. I found out about As Good As Gold from a fellow employee of my Company. He told me a little about the organization and gave me an application for adoption. After meeting all the requirements for adoption we heard there was a handsome 4 1/2 yr. old male that needed a family. We are so happy that Max found our family. We are enjoying each other every day. Max likes to go for walks to the park with Kevin, my husband, and Robin our 7 year old daughter.


Maya chose us to be her adoptive family in July, 2008. We first met Maya while she was in foster care at our friends’ home. Her adorable ball of fluff was hard to resist, but it was her senior Golden brother, Calypso who gave us the final paw and tail wag of approval. Since Maya came to us at 10 weeks of age, she’s been having a ball with her canine and feline siblings. She’s enjoying the good life filled with belly rubs, chasing anything that moves in the wind, and most importantly knowing that she’s found her forever home. We can’t imagine our family without her.


Mayble (aka Dunkin) came to me from AGaG about nine months ago. She certainly enjoys going for hour-long walks around the neighborhood. Her new favorite activity to do is dock diving and swimming up at my grandparent’s lake house in Wisconsin. After we are done with our activities for the day she ends up on the couch all sprawled out. When I come home, I am always greeted with a smile that only a golden retriever can give.


Midas was going to be my next foster dog. I had vowed to not adopt a foster, as I still grieved the loss of my 6 year old golden, Moses. Midas was one of 10 dogs kept in cages in a basement full of garbage in Chicago. He was 6 years old (yes 6 years in a cage), underweight, not potty trained, and had never been on asphalt (his pads were as pink as a puppy’s).  After three weeks of potty training and basic dog skill training, I decided to adopt him, and he is an absolute perfect angel of a dog. After two years, he’s still learning how to just be a dog. He LOVES people.  I take him to the Assisted Living Home where my Mom lives and they all just LOVE him.  He also comes with me to visit with disabled High Schoolers who are part of a work program (his picture is their computer screensaver).  He is the calmest, sweetest, most gentle golden I’ve had (and he’s my third).  He definitely has the Midas Touch!



Our ten year old collie mix who came from a shelter, died suddenly in June, 2007. We wanted to adopt again, when my wife found AGaG on the web. After interviewing and being placed on the waiting list, AGaG soon called about Miller; an eight year old male whose owner gave him up due to allergies.

He is the most wonderful dog! Lovable, instantly kind to our cats and by now, he has us almost completely trained. We took him to the reunion this fall and he met lots of friends. He loves car rides, visiting PetSmart, getting biscuits from the mailman and the girls at the drive-up bank window.

He loves the snow, cold weather, dinner, getting his belly rubbed, and life in general. We are grateful to AGaG, and even more so to Miller for rescuing us!


We lost our 12-year old golden, Taffy, in June, 2013.  Since we both work full time we wanted an adult golden and decided to pursue adoption through AGAG.

Moli was rescued in May by a young lady in Puerto Rico.  Apparently she had been abused and tied up for long periods of time and had been bitten by another animal at some point.  The young lady who found Moli cleaned her up and through Sav a Sato, a rescue organization in Puerto Rico, Moli came to AGAG in June. When we saw her profile on the AGAG website we thought she sounded like a good fit for us.  We adopted Moli (and changed the spelling of her name to Molly) in September.

Molly is an absolute sweetheart!  She is a wonderful companion and has become a treasured member of our family.  She loves going for walks and also loves snuggling on the sofa with her mom and dad.  We are so lucky to have found each other through AGAG!



I adopted Molly 2 years ago. She loved walks, going to the Dog Park and she liked to ‘jump’ at one of my cats just to see it run. But they were friends – sleeping on the floor inches apart. Molly seemed to know when I wasn’t feeling well and would stay as close to me as she could. We cuddled together during thunderstorms (which made Molly nervous).

Molly suffered a mild stroke in November, and a week ago she suffered small seizures and was put on medicine. This morning I had to let Molly go. My house feels empty, my heart feels heavy and the tears keep flowing. Attached is a picture of Molly waiting for the cat to pop out from behind the couch. Live, Love, Bark!


My name is Molly. My previous owners had a lot of love to give me but not a lot of money to care for me. I was having seizures and I have a thyroid problem. I was given up to AGaG and traveled from Chicago to Rockford to be with my foster family. I was very nervous and scared, but I felt pretty good about the new humans.

My foster family was very patient and loving and had what they call a foster failure – instead of just fostering me they decided to adopt me! Now I go on walks everyday with my new parents. I have also lost a few pounds and my fur is finally starting to look lush and full. It really is a dog’s life and I would not a want it any other way.


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