Sweet Miss Molly came into our lives this past March shortly after the loss of our second golden. She soon filled the hole in our hearts with her sweet puppy face, intelligence, trusting nature, gentleness toward our elderly Mom, playfulness & patience with her new ‘baby brother’, Austin.

She’s a seven year old with the energy level & attitude of a two year old! She LOVES to play with her squeaky toys (especially her ‘hippo’). She enjoys running, playing hide and seek, wrestling & playing tug-of-war with Austin. They play hard then nap, seemingly glued to each.

Thank you AGaG! Molly has brought smiles, laughter, love and joy back into our lives. You have ‘rescued’ both her and us!


Hmmm… A new ‘Golden’ brother to play with every day, two new human sisters to play with, a new soft comfy blanket to sleep on at night on the floor right next to a mom and dad, two blocks from a large park to walk to often with a new family, toys to play with? Four year old Monty couldn’t refuse this new life! His former family reluctantly turned him over to AGaG, as they had to move and could no longer keep him.

Monty went directly into our ‘Placement with Option’ program where his new family had waited a long time on a list to find the right fit for them. His new family reports that Monty was well worth the wait! Monty loves to bark at the car doors he hears closing, wondering if it’s someone coming to visit him, and he loves to ‘talk’ back to the other barking dogs in the neighborhood!


Hi, I’m Opie. I have had a wonderful year with my forever family, who I picked myself. I met them while on a walk. Later, I would stop and sit in their yard and wait for them to come out. They thought they didn’t need a dog, but I worked on them till they couldn’t refuse. I love to be outside as much as I can. I ring my own bell on the door when I want to go out. If my family can’t hear it I go get them. I always carry around my big towel with me. I show it to everyone who comes to the door, and I take it with me to bed. Sometimes, when I am outside and they want me to come in, I play a trick on them and wait till they come all the way out to get me, then I take the Frisbee and run inside, leaving them outside. As soon as they come in I want to go out again.

Yep being adopted through As Good As Gold is the best thing that could happen to a dog like me.



Oscar and his brother were left at an area shelter that contacted AGaG. Oscar was at a foster home for two weeks when we picked him up on New Year’s Eve. The foster parents told us he was 3-4 years old, house trained, well behaved and very affectionate. Oscar was a bit timid at first, but his confidence has grown by leaps and bounds since. This is the fifth Golden that I have owned so I know the breed well. Oscar is a wonderful example of why people love Goldens. I can’t imagine why he was given up, but we are certainly glad that he was. Many thanks to the people at AGaG, especially Oscar’s wonderful foster parents – you all were great.


Otis came to us as a nine and a half year old foster dog. Since he is older, we certainly didn’t expect him to be as playful and spunky as he is! With him in the house, all of us are having more fun (including Rocky and Duke)! We are so happy Otis will live out his senior years with us (and based on how much he smiles, I’d say he’s happy too)! I can’t tell you how good it makes me feel to adopt a senior — I would highly recommend it!


Once upon a time, seven years ago, a six year old Golden named Harley was relinquished to us by a friend. Our friend was heartbroken, but knew we would love and care for him. Harley is now almost 13, and needed a friend (and I wanted another Golden).

We wanted a young Golden, 4 years or so, but AGaG volunteers introduced us to the most energetic nine-year-old you can imagine! Parker is now a full-fledged member of our pack of two humans and two ‘old’ Goldens. We love them more than we can express!!

Harley (on left) and Parker (on right)


Quinn has been with me for a week, and each day continues to be a wonderful gift! He has been so happy, finding all his favorite places to sleep and learning the best routes for our walks. He loves a good game of fetch and going for rides in the convertible. It seems like someone pulls up at every stoplight telling us what a sweet, beautiful, happy dog Quinn is! He had been diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy, but at his veterinarian visit with me the other day, he was examined and declared to be in great health! He is healthy, happy and really has found a special place in the hearts of so many new people! As Good as Gold has really made this a match made in heaven!



Although we’ve been golden owners as far back we can remember, after losing our last pair, we didn’t think we would have another one. Red came to us through AGaG from a shelter as a stray. This young, squirmy, hyper, loving, affectionate, and beautiful guy came only as a temporary foster dog, but he wormed his way into our hearts so quickly there was no letting him go.

He’s learned how to remove the toilet paper roll and run it through the house, he’s gotten skunked, he sneaks into the garbage, and many other things that have made our lives full again. Just hearing that “thump-thump” of the tail or seeing his cute little face resting on my lap tells us our lives would be empty without him. Thanks to AGaG for filling our lives again, and bringing this wonderful loving sweet boy to us!


Our Rocky is the perfect buddy – Play? Yes! Go for a ride? Sure! Go for a swim? Yes! Sit and relax? O…k…a…y… (rolls his eyes). Rocky is a handsome fellow and his coat is so luscious that one of our young neighbors exclaimed ‘petting him is like getting and giving a massage at the same time!’

He’s a bit of a goof ball which endears him to us all the more. He’s been known to chase his own tail, bathe the cat, and entertain himself by bouncing and catching a rubber ball! He cavorts like an oversized puppy and learned to bring in the newspaper by his third day with us.

We’re extremely grateful to have Rocky in our family, and we owe a big thank you to his foster mom, and to AGaG for your hard work and dedication. We could not be happier!


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