We adopted Ruben four months ago, after we lost our last Golden. Ruben was relinquished by his owners, after going through 3 surgeries. He then had knee reconstructive surgery while in foster care. He gets chiropractic or acupuncture weekly, and hydrotherapy pool walks. He has gained muscle, his fur has grown back.

He is a real charmer and cuddler, car rides are his favorite activity. Each day starts and ends on his dog bed while I stroke his face. We can’t imagine life without him – yesterday my husband was looking at him and said ‘I love you Ruben, I really do’, and Ruben gave him ‘those eyes’, put his face on my husband’s knee, as if to say ‘love you too!’


Our family decided to find a playmate for our four year-old golden, Roxy. We contacted AGaG and were introduced to Buddy, a six year old golden who was rescued from a puppy mill in Iowa. He was used as a stud dog, kept in a cage for most of his life, sick and needed dental work. AGaG and his foster family nursed him back to health and six months after he was rescued, we brought him home and renamed him Rudy.

Rudy and Roxy are now best friends. Rudy has learned how to play with squeaky toys and run around the yard. He loves to eat as much as he can, enjoys daily walks with Roxy and cuddling. Rudy has been a terrific addition to our family, and we are lucky to have found him. Thank you, AGaG!


After the loss of our almost 16 year old Golden Retriever, I began a search for another. I filled out an application with AGaG, and not long thereafter received a call. A representative immediately came to interview our family, and brought Sadie along, who instantly caught our attention and heart.

Sadie (formerly Sandy) brought joy and healing back to our home. Almost two years old, she has had hip dysplasia surgery on her right hip. We walk Sadie daily to build up her muscle mass (and decrease ours). Sadie is very smart and immediately adjusted and bonded to our family and home. She is enrolled in positive dog training classes, and we look forward to a long life and many camping experiences with Sadie.


We adopted Sam, ‘Shmooly’ is his nickname, in April 2008. It was love at first sight for my children, me, and our 3-1/2 year old sugar-spun lab Nicki. He is our missing link; sweet, gentle, loving, and funny. Nicki and Sam seem like they have been together forever. They play together and keep each other company. I am so glad about our decision to contact AGaG. Sam fits perfectly in our family.

 Sam, Hobbes & Marley

In 2007, our family took in three AGaG goldens! All came as foster dogs and ended up staying. Marley was abandoned and four months old when we took him in. Sam and Hobbes (eleven and five years old) were owner relinquishments. We adopted Hobbes at Christmas, and Sam is a ‘long term care’ foster. We have helped them both through various illnesses and injuries, and they return the favor by their wagging tails and giving us wet kisses.

All three are very lovable and their different personalities keep us entertained. Marley is the clown, and the pesky little brother – stealing toys to get a reaction. Hobbes is very sweet and takes care of the others by giving them toys. Sam, the distinguished old man, keeps everyone in line and wants nothing more than to lie near us or follow us around.


Lucky #3! My 1st golden came from a terrific local breeder. Jake was 8 weeks old and died of cancer at age 11. Only you golden owners can really understand what losing your dear senior golden means. My 2nd golden, an 8 year old rescue named Bear lived with me 3 years, and it was the best 3 years! After losing him to a stroke while chasing fish in Wisconsin, I knew I could waste no time finding a 3rd golden.

Sammy, a 7 year old AGaG rescue came to me from southern Illinois, after 2 other families gave him up. I’m his 3rd owner and he, my 3rd golden. I have never known a ‘cuddler’. He never leaves my side. And what do you know – he, too, is a Sox fan!

 Sassy & Jordan

After 10 months in foster care, 9 and 10 year old Jordan and Sassy came into my life in December, 2007 – one of the best decisions I have ever made. I intended to wait a year after losing my 15 year old golden, but this pair was featured on the AGaG website and won my heart.

This ‘married couple’ differs in every way: size, color, personality. No one could ask for happier or more loving dogs. They love to make snow angels, play tug of war, ‘terrorize’ squirrels and birds, entertain company, and nap on ‘their’ couches while always showing boundless affection. They feel as fortunate and happy about sharing a new life as I do. Thank you to AGaG for making this possible!


We had to say goodbye to our golden girl at 8 years young in June, who was also a rescue. You all know just how devastating that is to lose them.

We knew that we needed to rescue another dog. We got a call from AGaG and went to meet a golden named Sebastian – we fell totally in love with this sweet boy. He might just be the cutest dog ever! I know we have said that before too!

This 6 year old boy has lots of energy, and is the best cuddler ever! (I think my hubby might be jealous) Thank you to everyone at AGaG, especially to his awesome foster family.


Sheba is a beautiful 12 year old light red senior girl who came to As Good as Gold when her owner passed away.

As our seniors can sometimes be a little more difficult to adopt out, Sheba opted to take part in our ‘Assisted Living’ program wanting to soak up as much attention as she could from as many people as possible.

Sheba now resides with other ‘Seniors’ in an assisted living facility and enjoys the slower pace and all of the attention from the residents. She just loves to make people smile!


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