After the loss of our beloved 13.5 year-old brittany spaniel mix, our family was in search of a companion for our 5 year-old Golden Retriever, Jesse. We chose to pursue another Golden Retriever because of Jesse’s wonderful demeanor and our desire to rescue a dog in need of a wonderful home. We adopted Shooter (on the right) from the AGaG organization and have truly found a life long friend for our family. Shooter immediately adjusted to Jesse and our home. He wakes us up daily with kisses of gratitude and thankfulness! The adoption process was a wonderful experience. Thank you As Good as Gold!


We adopted Stuart Von Sniffer (formerly Tyson) several months after two of our goldens died. Shortly after completing our adoption application, we met Stuey. We immediately fell in love with his expressive eyes and distinctive “Mohawk” running down his nose. He was very calm for an eight month old male, but feisty enough to encourage our 10 year old Mr. McMurphy to run and wrestle again. Stuart loves our grandchildren and is especially gentle with the two toddlers while playing ball and “sharing” his bones. He also loves stuffies, walks, swimming, belly rubs, biscuits, performing his tricks and just being close to us. He’s very eager to please and completed basic dog obedience and received his AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification before he was a year old. Thanks AGaG for finding Stuey for us!


Last June I was picking up meds at Arboretum animal clinic for my older male golden. He lost his mate 15 months prior. I saw the As Good as Gold truck, and out came a very large 88 lb. female golden ‘Suzi Ann’ with her foster dad. I was drawn to her gentleness, watching as kids, strangers and other dogs greeted her. She was a pretty and young, but overweight.

I knew that proper feeding and exercise would help her become healthy, and I adopted her in August. She will soon have surgery on both hips to compensate for the weight damage. We renamed her ‘Sunny’ and she now weighs 68 lbs, can jump into the car, and on the couch! She is a playful addition to our home, and we love her to death!



AGaG received a call from a shelter in Peoria about an eight-year-old golden that was scheduled to be euthanized the next morning. We agreed to foster her and she was at our house the next day. She was skittish, extremely dirty, and overweight, with bad teeth, bald spots, and very thin hair. The next day the vet the found she needed thyroid medication, and within four weeks, she began losing weight and her coat began to grow back. She has many fears, including rain, thunder, cameras and flashlights. She was likely never trained.

After two weeks, we became foster failures and adopted Sydney, now an extremely sweet, loving girl that loves her golden brothers and can spend hours wrestling and running with them. She is a welcome addition to our family, full of love and sweetness. Thanks again AGaG for finding Sydney, our second adoption from you!



Remember the ‘Charlie Brown’ cartoons? Well, the ‘Little Redheaded Girl’ has come to life in the form of a Golden Retriever! Being a typical three year old, Sydney loves to run and jump – jumping so high that she was able to escape her fenced-in the yard and go visiting in the neighborhood.

Sydney came to AGaG as an owner relinquishment when her owners could no longer care for her. Sydney has found a wonderful new life with her new Mom, who also happens to be a dog trainer! This is what AGaG refers to as a ‘match made in heaven.’ She’s enjoying her new lavish life being the center of attention with her mom, going for lots of walks and learning some new manners!



We learned about AGaG while trying to find a doggie sister for our female Golden in the fall of 2008. After passing the application and home visit steps, we heard about a 7.5 pound 4-month old who was rescued from a puppy mill in Indiana. We brought her home and I have been smiling from ear to ear ever since. Our 5-year old Golden Sam was initially surprised when ‘mini-me’ first appeared but soon they were playing nicely, chasing each other in the yard, and cuddling together when they tired.

I would like to thank all of the volunteers at AGaG who were involved in bringing this little-one into our lives: the home visit volunteer, the foster parent who transported her, the adoption coordinator, and of course her foster parents. Sydney is now a healthy 32 pounds and a happy, cuddly puppy.



It was a big decision to get another dog. Maggie, sweet and submissive, had been an only child for 8 years. But we thought that she would benefit from having a companion and we really wanted another dog. Four year old Tanner has been with us for 3 months now. Maggie is getting used to sharing us with Tanner. He is very loving and sweet, and loves to run around the house with a slipper or remote control in his mouth. He makes low throaty sounds when he’s being brushed and almost falls asleep. He was very overweight but has made great strides towards getting healthy. Thank you so much for Tanner – almost every day we look at each other in amazement at how fortunate we were to get this gentle giant.


Just over seven months ago, Tequila now called Tila, a 1-1/2 year old puppy became a member of our family.  She’s found a FOREVER home with us and brings all kinds of happiness every day.  Tila’s always ready for a game of catch with her never ending supply of tennis balls.  Her foster family gave her several months of loving care and she continues to show us the good things she learned from them.  She’s going to classes now to keep on learning new commands and social skills.  Our thanks to AGaG for helping us find this very sweet and loving puppy.  She has helped us move on after losing our beloved golden retriever, Misty, who was taken from us very suddenly at five years old with untreatable cancer.  So it’s truly a win-win outcome for all of us.



We met Tripper in February of 2012 as we saw him looking out the window of his foster home.  He then greeted us with a burst of energy, but he soon calmed as we sat, and he took turns going back and forth from my husband and I to show his affection.  We knew we wanted him to join our family and quickly called to adopt him.  We have had him for about a year now, and Tripper (aka: Tripperoni) is a sweet, loving companion.  He loves to kiss, cuddle and LOVES going outside to walk, run or to the dog park.  He loves all dogs and lets us know he wants to meet them all when they pass by.  We cannot imagine our lives without our little “fur baby,” he has truly stolen our hearts (and sometimes our place on the couch)!

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