Featured Items

Featured Items

  • Everyone has an important goal in life. This t-shirt provides another to add to your list. They are 62% cotton/48% polyester.
  • There is one thing that most dogs have in common: Fur. It gets everywhere during shedding season. This lint brush does a great job to get that dog fur out of your furniture and off of your clothes. It works on car upholstery, too. I used this brush for the first time to clean the upholstery and carpet in my car and I got fur out that was there for years. My recommendation is to use the brush with a handheld vacuum. Brush until the fur accumulates, then vacuum it up. Repeat until the job is done. When you are not using the brush to clean your home or car, use it to message your furry friend. The soft, flexible bristles give them a message that is even petter than petting.
  • Here’s the perfect item for snuggling with that “special” companion on a chilly night. (Of course, your “special” companion is your dog.) There is plenty of room for both of you under this 50 x 60 inch fleece blanket. The blanket has folded, hemmed edges for durability and is made from 100% recycled polyester fleece. These blankets will make a fine addition to your dog’s bed. They work great for lining the bottom of the crate to give your pup a soft surface to lay on while they are in there. Everyone knows that As Good as Gold dogs never jump on the furniture, but just in case yours is one of the few who missed that lesson, this blanket is perfect for protecting your favorite chair if your pup jumps on it. When the blanket gets dirty, it can be machined washed and dried to make it look like new again. Best of all, the blanket proudly displays the As Good as Gold logo embroidered on the corner.

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