• As Good as Gold’s 2025 calendar, featuring photos of and stories about 13 rescued goldens, is our most popular merchandise item! The calendars are great gifts for family, friends, work colleagues and neighbors so please pre-order one or more today! Calendar mailings will begin by the first of August. To avoid a shipping cost, use the coupon code 'picnic' to have your calendar(s) delivered to the AGaG picnic in September.
  • This 11 ounce white glass mug is perfect for your morning cup of coffee (or any other) beverage. Great for those chilly mornings when you need to have a hot beverage after returning home from a walk with your 4-legged friend. The As Good as Gold logo is proudly displayed on both the front and back of the mug. 3 inch diameter x 4 inches tall.
  • Most vehicles these days have LCD display panels for navigation, controls, and information. Is yours dusty and full of finger smudges? Carry this clever little device on your keychain to clean that screen. Simply wipe the screen with this character’s microfiber "hair" until the dust and smudges disappear. Works great for cell phone screens, computer displays and TV screens too. Do you know why this character has such a big grin? Because they are advertising their favorite rescue organization, As Good as Gold, on the back.
  • Hardwood floors. Tile floors. Vinyl floors. They are all the latest fashion. They make your home look spectacular. They also make your dog’s dishes slide around the house while they are trying to eat or drink. Here is the perfect solution: Just slip one of these mats under your pet’s food and water bowls. This mat has a textured vinyl surface on one side to grip to your dog’s bowls and a no slip bottom surface to grip that slippery floor. These mats measure 13 inches wide x 19 inches long x 3/32 inch thick. Is your dog a sloppy eater? These mats readily wipe clean with a wet cloth. In the center of each mat, is the As Good as Gold logo to remind your furry friend who they can thank for finding them their wonderful home. Here is another use: The mat is the perfect size for use as placemat for your table. Use them for the humans in your home to protect your table from spills.
  • Have you already purchased a collar and leash for your Golden? How about a keychain for yourself? These 1 inch wide by 7 inch long keychains are decorated with a ribbon that depicts Golden Retrievers. These keychains are handmade by someone who lives in the Chicago area. These are not just standard keychains that were purchased and decorated. These keychains are entirely hand made. All seams are triple stitched for strength and durability. Do you also need a collar or leash for your dog? These keychains were made to match the leashes and collars that are available for sale by As Good as Gold.
  • You may walk a Golden, but do you use a Golden to walk your dog? These collars are decorated with a ribbon that depicts Golden Retrievers. The 1 inch wide non-slip collars are adjustable from 16 to 24 inches. Have you ever struggled to get the non-slip collar off of your dog for grooming or bathing? Problem solved. These no-slip collars contain a heavy duty fastener that can be engaged to open the collar just like a standard flat collar. These collars are handmade by someone who lives in the Chicago area. These are not just standard collars that were purchased and decorated. These are heavy duty collars that are entirely hand made. All seams are triple stitched for strength and durability. Match these up with corresponding leashes, which are available for sale by As Good as Gold. Don’t need a collar or leash? Why not purchase a keychain, also available for sale by As Good as Gold.
  • Beer Mug

    This 15 ounce clear glass mug is perfect for your favorite cold beverage. Ideal for a frosty, cold beer after those summer walks with your 4-legged friend. Made Size: 3 inch diameter x 5.5 inches tall.
  • Does your dog eat so fast that it seems like they inhale their food? Here is a device that will slow them down and make them use their nose to find their food. Just tuck pieces of kibble into the folds of this mat and give it to your dog. Your dog will eat slower to aid digestion. In addition, the hunt for the kibble will keep their mind active. These are hand made by one of our As Good as Gold members. Please note that each one of these mats are multicolored and unique. The snuffle mat that you receive will not be the same color as is shown in the photo. The photo is just an example of one particular color scheme. Each mat measures approximately 12 x 14 inches.
  • O.K. You and your golden are all ready for a walk. You have water for yourself and for your dog, a water bowl for your dog, bags to pick up after your furry pal, treats for you and your dog. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a bag that would carry all of this stuff? Here it is. This pet accessory bag measures 9 ¾ inches long x 8 ½ inches wide x 5 inches deep. Plenty of room for all of your stuff. The bag has a Velcro secured pocket, a large zippered compartment,  a mesh compartment for your water bottle, and a shoulder strap for easy carrying. Also included are two 5 inch diameter x 2 ¾ deep collapsible bowls and a 6 ½ inch long x 4 inch wide x 1 ¼ inch deep detachable zippered case with a belt clip. All of these items are made from durable, quick drying 600D polyester. The As Good as Gold logo is printed on the outside of the bag in full color. When you meet someone on your walk that asks you where you got that beautiful golden retriever, just point to the logo and tell them all about this wonderful organization. The pet accessory bag is also great for those road trips with your pup.
  • This 5 inch x 10 inch wooden sign says it all. Complete with an adorable portrait of a Golden, this sign makes a great addition to any home’s décor. Easy to hang with the rope hanger. Made in the U.S.A.
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    Official As Good as Gold lanyards now make wearing your name badge so much easier. Made of durable nylon and a metal clip, these will not break or wear out any time soon! Bright yellow with black printing of 'As Good As Gold' and a paw print, you can wear these with pride. Don’t need a lanyard for holding a name badge? These lanyards are durable and well-constructed. They may also be used around the house and yard for other purposes. They are great for fastening outdoor extension cords when not in use. Use them to fasten the garden hoses when you take them inside for winter storage. The lanyard can also be used to fasten tall plants to supports so they don’t get blown over by the wind. Have a gate that won’t stay closed? Use a lanyard.
  • There is one thing that most dogs have in common: Fur. It gets everywhere during shedding season. This lint brush does a great job to get that dog fur out of your furniture and off of your clothes. It works on car upholstery, too. I used this brush for the first time to clean the upholstery and carpet in my car and I got fur out that was there for years. My recommendation is to use the brush with a handheld vacuum. Brush until the fur accumulates, then vacuum it up. Repeat until the job is done. When you are not using the brush to clean your home or car, use it to message your furry friend. The soft, flexible bristles give them a message that is even petter than petting.