Status: Adopted

Zoey Square

I am a typical two year old and need lots exercise and encouragement.  I love visiting dog parks and going on long leash walks.  On our strolls, I stay close to foster mom when there are no other distractions.  However, I need some practice not to pull when I see an interesting critter or pick up a good scent.  After I have burned off some of my youthful energy, I am content to chew on a bone, entertain myself with a toy or cuddle with foster mom.

Although I am a little on the submissive side, I can hold my own when playing with my dog friends.  Foster Mom calls me her “Little Antelope” because I jump around my fur companions to dodge their approach or engage them in play.  As I get more comfortable in my new foster home, I am getting better at controlling my compulsion to bark at loud noises or people coming to the door.  I am very intelligent and have learned to sit, stay, down, off and shake paw in the short time I have been in foster care.  I have also figured out how to open the screen door so I can chase an encroaching squirrel or just run in the yard to my heart’s content.

I am ready to find a family who will continue my education with patience and love.  I will delight you with my enthusiasm for life and my willingness to snuggle close to you and be your faithful companion forever.


2 Years Old