Status: Recent Adoptions


8-year-old Lab

Foster mom describes me as a “very sweet and very good dog.”

She’s impressed with my eating habits! Not only do I take treats nicely, but I also wait my turn at mealtime. My two foster siblings and I each have our own bowls. I stand by mine and wait for my serving; foster mom likes that! I’ve heard her describe me as being “patient.”

Speaking of other dogs, the three of us get along quite well. Mom says I was respectful from the moment I was introduced to her two dogs. We play together for a bit, “not excessively,” mom says, and run and sniff in the yard. Then we all settle down.

I like to give my paw to people; I stay off the furniture. At night I sleep on the floor by foster mom’s bed. And, importantly, I seek affection. I lie next to whichever chair foster mom is in.

I do like to use my dog voice frequently. I bark at the doorbell, at other dogs on occasion, and I bark to greet mom when she returns from an errand. Oh, and I don’t like a crate. I bark in there too.

I’ve tried to be patient, but I sure wish I could find a forever family who I can love and who will love me back.