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Wrigley Success Story

My parents adopted a beautiful dog, Princesa, from AGAG last month. Being huge Chicago sports fans, we re-named her Wrigley. She learned her new name in no time and responds eagerly.

Wrigley was rescued from Puerto Rico where she used to live chained to a fence, living in despicable conditions. Since her adoption, Wrigley has made herself right at home! She is extremely obedient and affectionate; she is happiest cuddled up on the couch with us and being in the middle of all of our family’s activities. Wrigley loves playing with squeaky toys, going on long walks, and curling up with cozy blankets to take afternoon naps. This is our family’s second Golden Retriever that we have adopted in the last ten years. They are such loving, loyal pets!

Thank you for your help and support!