Status: Adopted

Wrigley square

Like a deck of cards, I have been shuffled around my entire life. I have been owned by three different breeders, sold on E-Bay and almost euthanized. I was transported across the county in a crate perched in the back of a pick-up truck.  As a result of my mercurial environment, I suffered from noise aversion, complete panic when crated or confined and was unsure of myself in new surroundings. Understandably, I was also terrified during car rides. My most recent owners were moving and my world was changed yet again.  Fortunately, I was welcomed into the loving arms of As Good as Gold.  I was very confused and frightened when I arrived at my foster home, but with lots of encouragement from my foster mom, I have really changed! At a petite fifty pounds, I am a very polite houseguest. I have never touched anything in the house, not even dog toys! My mentor, fur foster brother Caesar, has introduced me to the joy of chewing on deer antlers and Benebones. Although we don’t play with each other much, we stick close together and will occasionally do short morning zoomies in tandem.

I have become more relaxed as I have gotten accustomed to having the run of the house instead of being confined to a crate as in my past life. In the beginning, my extreme storm phobia caused me to pace for hours before, during and after a storm. Fortunately, a new drug recently became available which gives me relief within twelve short minutes of ingestion. This allows me to maintain my delightful personality during the worst of storms, some of the time.  Other times I am still very scared.

Every leash walk is an adventure where I never tire of eliciting pets and snuggles from everyone I pass. One sniff and I am best friends with the dogs I meet. A typical Golden, I am a champion leaner and cuddler and give that familiar nudge to demand a pet or scratch. I am a sweet, devoted and gentle girl who is looking forward to finding a stable home that I can remain in forever. Somewhere to continue the growth of my self-confidence. Somewhere I can be loved and adored until the end of time!


10 Years Old