Status: Adopted

Troy Square

Looking for a seventy-eight pound handsome hunk of a dog to share your life with? Search no further.  I am Troy Terrific and have a one-of-a-kind gorgeous face.  I am also very proud of my awesome ever wagging tail which earns me lots of compliments.  My breed is mostly Golden Retriever, but there is a hint of something else in my background.  Could it possibly be Chow or German Shepherd?

Leash walking is one of my favorite activities and wearing a harness reminds me to walk politely. Foster mom takes me on two or three walks a day and I have even lost a little excess weight along the way. Occasionally we go to an open area and I am turned loose so I can run to my heart’s content.  I have a lot of energy and this is the perfect release for doggie overzealousness.  I am great at playing fetch and am always ready for a rousing games of tug a war which I will play until I win.  My house manners are perfect. I don’t counter surf and never ever have an “accident” in the house.

My fur foster brother Harley and I get along fine, but I am a “take charge” kind of guy.  I am a little bossy and ideally would do best sharing a home with a complaisant canine sibling. I would also enjoy all the attention as the one and only fur baby.  I love being around people and take every opportunity to cuddle and enjoy some sweet talk while relaxing. Accompanying anyone going anywhere in the car with the windows wide open is also my idea of heaven.  Delivery drivers beware! I will sound my barking alarm to warn my family when they arrive and I get very excited when foster mom gets home from work and am vocal then too. I will also join the chorus if I hear the other pups barking about something. I need to work on controlling myself in that area.  I have learned some basic obedience commands and respond best when offered yummy reward treats.  I have discriminating taste and those dry dog biscuits just don’t tempt me!

I love my foster family, but I am ready to find a human pack that will give me a caring forever home.  Foster Mom says I am a loving guy who will be a great companion for someone very special.  I know she is right.


4 Years Old