Tracy & Dylan

Status: Recent Adoptions

Mother and Son

Tracy, 9-years old,  Dylan, 6-years old

“They’re the most delightful dogs we’ve ever had,” says Tracy and Dylan’s foster dad. Tracy and Dylan are mother and son. Foster dad senses that they have a very special bond, which is often observed in their “happy puppy play!”

Tracy is a very protective mother.  When there are more dogs in the home than these two, she becomes over protective to the point of getting snarly.  Because of this, the pair should be the only two dogs in their forever home, even the presence of a cat wouldn’t be a good fit. Interestingly foster dad has noted that neighborhood dogs seem to be acceptable. Foster dad says there is a rather threatening dog next door who barks at Tracy and Dylan through the fence. “These two simply stand there and look at him,” he says.

It’s apparent that at one point in their lives, this pair was given house rules. They will not go on the furniture, and normally not on the bed. Well, one time Dylan did hop onto foster mom and dad’s bed in the morning apparently because he was so excited that it was morning and time to begin the day! But then he jumped right down and hasn’t attempted it again.

Tracy has been described as “an older lady who can be crotchety at times.” Her hips seem to bother her a bit, which could made her feel out of sorts, medication helps.

Tracy and Dylan love attention. They walk up to foster mom and dad when they’re sitting, look up at them, then place their heads on their laps for petting. Tracy now follows foster mom upstairs or follows Dylan who follows her! So, Tracy does go up and down the stairs, though slowly. She gets shorter walks because of her hips. After about a block she is ready to go back.  Dylan can go on longer walks; he does pull a bit.  Dylan had a seizure recently and was seen by a vet.  Nothing was concerning at that time, so he just needs to be monitored for seizures in the future to determine if he should be put on medication.  He was back to his happy self quickly so it didn’t seem to bother him.

They’re both great with people but can also settle on their own. Both eat well and enjoy treats.

Seems they’ve never experienced snow, so it frightens them a bit. They come right in after doing their business outdoors.

Foster dad says, “These are just wonderful dogs.” If you’re interested in having a pair of beautiful goldens in your family, Tracy and Dylan are available and hoping for a forever home.