Status: Adopted

I haven’t been in foster care long, but I’m ready to roll! I am anxious to find a forever family who is looking for a handsome, young Golden guy to join their clan.

The game of fetch is foreign to me. I eagerly chase after a thrown object and then run circle around it waiting for it to continue moving. My toy box is filled with treasures that I love to spread throughout the house. Foster mom picks them up and I start my mission all over again. My favorite toy is a flat squirrel that I toss to myself. Deer antlers and Nylabones come in as a close second. I am never aggressive when I play with other dogs and even climbed a four foot fence to join a neighbor’s pooch for some interaction. Doggie play dates include lots of chasing and wrestling and sometimes end with me giving good-bye kisses to my buddies. When I run, I imitate an antelope doing leaps and bounds with both front legs high in the air. Leash walks are something I look forward to, but I still need reminders to stay calm and not pull. In a short time at my foster home, I have mastered the commands sit, down and stay.  I also figured out how to open the car windows after I stepped on the automatic window button accidentally one time. Now I can enjoy a little fresh air whenever the mood strikes me. My only bad habit is barking at my foster mom when trying to gain her full attention. I am working hard to control my impatience, but it is so hard!

The only time I enjoy cuddling is at bedtime when I can snuggle close to my Foster Mom. I would rather have a rousing wrestling match with her on the floor. During the day, the couch is my refuge for snoozing. I love children, I am very polite and never jump when meeting new people. I‘m an easy boy to please. Just give me some beef or chicken jerky and I will follow you to the ends of the Earth for more goodies or some tummy rubs.

I need a home where I can run and run to burn my young boy energy and a high fence that I can’t hurdle in one fell swoop!


2 Years Old