Status: Recent Adoptions


Mini Golden Doodle, 35 pounds

“I’m a little joy!” That’s what foster mom says of me.

Why I’m a joy: I’m good with other dogs, even puppies. I take naps snuggled against my “senior” brother. At nighttime, my furry foster siblings and I sleep near each other in our beds. I’m “basically” house trained.

I “don’t get into stuff,” mom says. I don’t chew on things I’m not supposed to. I walk right next to foster mom during our walks and am great on a leash.

I have learned to go up and down stairs and am learning to go in and out of cars.

People are my FAVORITE! Adults or children, it doesn’t matter; I love ‘em all! I got to spend some time with a 3-year-old girl—I really liked her! I’m rather “clingy,” I hear. So, if you don’t want a “close companion,” I may not be the one for you.

I’ve heard tell that I’m an “awesome dog,” but I admit to some imperfections.

Foster mom says I’m a “mildly fearful girl.” I am retired from breeding, so perhaps I haven’t experienced things in life that other dogs my age have.  I am basically housebroken, but need to be in a crate if left alone; I feel more secure. If I’m not in a crate, I may become fearful and then dribble on the floor. Because of this mild fearfulness, it would be best if someone would be home with me during the day.

There is an approximate 4-inch missing patch of fur on my rear, above my tail. The cause is unknown. The vet said it’s likely a result of trauma as it’s not a skin infection or bacterial related. It’s unclear whether or not this hair will grow back.

An occasional, and barely detectable limp has been observed by some when I walk. I heard the vet say, “Both of her back limbs feel fine—no pain or abnormality on palpation. Nothing shows on x-rays.” Perhaps an acute situation.

I do love my foster mom. She says I’m a “sweet and happy girl.” I turned 7 in April. I’m hoping so hard that this will be a “lucky 7” year for me and that I will find my first and forever family. Upon discovering this whole new way of life, I’ve realized that all I want is to love and to be loved. Please contact As Good as Gold if you’d like to have me as your forever companion.