Status: Adopted

Tiffany Square

How can you resist my sweet face!  I am a sweet, petite little girl from Puerto Rico.  I was a little scared when I got here, but foster mom has been taking me to classes and I am getting used to my new surroundings.  I have already learned many commands and love getting treats.  I was also not too sure of other dogs, but I am getting a little bit better.

I am respectful of cats, if they hiss at me, I just ignore them.  Soft toys are my favorite, especially the ones with tags.  They are fun to chew on.  I love going for rides in the car.  I really concentrate and check out my surroundings and never move or make a sound.

I am such a happy girl.  When I get excited, I start off slowly.  My tail starts to wag then it builds faster and faster until the wagging takes over my whole body.  When I am just about to topple over, I start to dance, hopping around in circles.  And, I have the biggest smile that my face can hold.

My ideal night would be to sit on the couch, half on you, and watch tv with you.  I love being massaged and will close my eyes and soak it all up.  But, don’t be fooled, I am still like a puppy and have a lot of energy, but I know how to settle down.

I am a smart little girl and would love to move right in.  Are you ready to snuggle to watch your favorite show?

1 Year Old