Status: Success Stories

The opportunity to adopt Tessie came in mid-May of 2020, two months after we adopted Amos,  a large, sweet-tempered, 9-year old Lab mix. We had been on the adoptee list with As Good as Gold for almost a year, but had not heard of any available goldens.

When we did get an email telling us about Tessie, we had go see her for ourselves. And, of course we brought Amos to meet her. We had never owned two dogs before, but were willing to, if we met the right golden.

Tessie was a recent International rescue from Istanbul, Turkey and was living with her new foster mom. Well, it was love at first sight for all of us! Tessie was beautiful and bright and we couldn’t wait to bring her home. Having two dogs has been a great experience for us; they are always ready for fun!

Tessie is very cuddly, and loves to be petted and praised. She loves to carry around her stuffed animals. Tessie has endeared herself to Amos; they are inseparable!

We are thankful to As Good as Gold, and hope that others will be able to adopt a wonderful dog like our Tessie.