Teddy Bear

Status: Success Stories

Hi, my name is Teddy Bear.  I am a 14 month old Golden who had a rough start as a pup, some of which was my own fault.  I am now in a loving, forever home but my success story isn’t unique.

I was staring up at the snowflakes coming down the other night thinking how lucky I am.  Besides having been endowed with this fluffy tail that gives me endless joy to chase, there are 2 things for which I’ll always be grateful, As Good as Gold and my foster dad.  I’m so lucky to have ended up in the hands of AGaG.  Having had problems with trust as a pup, they surrounded me with support from the very first day, beginning with the kind lady who brought me from my relinquishing owner to her home for my assessment.  Shortly afterwards, another nice person took me to my foster home.  I could tell right away that my foster dad had been well prepared for my arrival and care had been taken to place me in the right home.  During my three months in foster care, my dad got great support from his assigned foster coordinator, medical team and adoption coordinator.  It was like being raised by a village.  I heard him many times on the phone talking with support people to give him advice and encouragement.  (I know what you’re thinking but if I can write I can understand telephone calls)  So to those who for whatever reason need to relinquish their dogs, know that AGaG will provide them the best forever homes… for those who want to adopt any of us, know that AGaG has been there to make us a welcome addition to your family and to my fellow Goldens in transition, don’t tell your families you know how to use their computers.  Teddy and forever dad Bob