Status: Adopted

Must be the only pet in the home.  Minimum stairs.

It’s summer! The best time for belly rubs in the grass: foster mom indulges me frequently!

Foster Mom and I also enjoy our neighborhood walks! I help occasionally by carrying my leash; mom thinks I look really cute when I do that—I see her smile!

Yet, there are several ways in which I’ve become quite the fussy senior gentleman, to be sure! I do not abide by dissatisfactory weather, so apply my brakes when I do not find the weather accommodating. I’ll certainly walk as far as required in order to complete my business, but that’s it. When I’m enjoying the weather, it takes foster mom some urging to get me back into the house.

I also have no patience with other dogs on my foster family’s property. My body language and verbal warnings convey these feelings clearly to my canine cousins.

Senior years also bring with it the intelligence of an older gent. For example, I’ve come to realize that it works best to lie on a rug on the hardwood floors so that when I get up, I don’t slip. Pretty sharp of me, I must admit. I have some struggles with movement because of moderate arthritis. The vet suggested a hip and joint supplement, which has greatly improved my mobility and stamina. In fact, I can now slowly but surely get myself onto the couch! Being overweight doesn’t help the arthritis, so foster mom has been helping me with my diet. I’ve lost a few pounds and am working on losing more.

I find reflections interesting. My foster parents have a huge metal BBQ spatula that reflects moving patterns! I lay in wait for the reflection to move and will advance, retreat and paw at the changes in the movement I see. My foster parents seem to enjoy watching me entertain myself!

My very happiest moments are when my foster parents are petting me. Sometimes I need to use the “Golden nudge” to remind them to keep up the petting. Being brushed provides a nice feeling for me and quiet bonding time for us. I love special times with my kind foster family. I sure hope the family who takes me loves happy, quiet moments too.

10 Year Old Male