Status: Success Stories

Tahoe is truly a fitting name for a dog who accompanies mom “near and far.” He was named after one of mom’s favorite places, Lake Tahoe. He hasn’t been there yet, but certainly it’s on the list of their travel destinations. Joanne adopted the 1-year-old in April of last year, just as COVID put restrictions on moving about the country.

Joanne did take Tahoe on an initial test road trip to Custer State Park in South Dakota. She said he proved to be comfortable in the car and a gracious hotel guest. Since then, they have also walked along the beach in Smyrna Dunes Park in Florida and hiked in Colorado, where Tahoe again proved to be an Air BNB “preferred guest!”

Joanne said Tahoe came into her life at a perfect time. She had lost a golden family member not too long before meeting him and the pandemic meant she would be working from home full time. She wasn’t really looking for a new dog, yet she and Tahoe quickly became true soul mates. She says Tahoe is a “super-friendly dog, easy going and sweet.” He loves other dogs too.  Tahoe is a true retriever in that he has to be retrieving something! He looks so proud when he picks up a stick or even an empty plastic bottle along the way. His Chicago neighbors have commented on Tahoe doing his part to keep the city clean. Good job, Tahoe! And Happy Trails!