Status: Recent Adoptions

2-Year old Male

Foster mom says I have a fun personality and make her laugh! I do love to play! My very favorite toy is a tennis ball. Playing with my furry siblings is way fun, but I’m also happy entertaining myself! I’m good at finding fun things to play with! Mom thinks I’m easy to train too. I know sit, stay, and shake!  Check me out on my TV debut where you can see some of my tricks:  Adopt A Pet: As Good as Gold Golden Retriever Rescue of Illinois | WGN-TV (

The only time I bark is when someone comes to the door. I just want to know who’s there! New situations like that frighten me a bit. But once I either figure out it’s mom or she says the person is okay, I quickly settle. If mom needs to leave me alone during the day, she gives me a Kong filled with peanut butter and I happily take it into my crate and then rest until she returns.

I came from China several months ago. Foster mom and the vet noticed that I seemed stressed. This stress was displayed through frequent barking, inability to settle, and leaking urine. Also, I was barely eating. The vet put me on anti-anxiety medication, which, mom says, simply takes the edge off.

These days, I very rarely leak urine. I let mom know when I need to go outside to do my duty. She’s happy too because I have never “marked” in the house. During the night I have the freedom of the entire main floor, and never need to wake mom to go out.

For exercise, I mainly run and play with my foster siblings in the big back yard or investigate the yard on my own. Once each day we take a family walk. Foster mom says I’ve improved there too and do fairly well on the leash. Mom even mentioned that she thinks I’m pretty athletic so might be a good companion for an owner who’s active too.

I must say, I really do love being around people. I like to see “what’s goin’ on”. People I meet think I’m easy going and very likeable. Admittedly, young children, make me feel anxious, so I need a home with older kids.

In my forever home, it would be best for me to have a furry sibling. Being with other dogs makes me feel more relaxed.  Cats make me anxious too so a home without cats is needed.

If you’re looking for a really happy dog that loves his family and dog friends, I’m likely the guy for you!