Status: Adopted

You can tell by my uniquely beautiful face that I am not an AKC registered Golden Retriever. My mother was a Golden and my father was the Labrador Retriever who lived next door. Both of these breeds are noted for being intelligent, loyal, gentle and terrific family companions. That’s me!

Someone told me that I was twelve years old, but I don’t feel a day over six or seven. I love to play and enjoy running around the yard and chasing my tennis balls which are my toys of choice!  I look forward to my daily walks when I wear a Gentle Leader to remind me not to pull. I am working on being more patient and try to wait for Foster Mom to catch up to my brisk pace. On car rides, I need a little time to find the perfect spot on the seat to settle down. I have to be convinced that our destination is a fun location and not the veterinarian’s office.  I am very smart and responding to most obedience commands is second nature to me. I know all the basics and will go through my routine especially when I am promised a reward of a yummy Ritz Cracker.

I enjoy being around adults and children of all ages. I am especially attentive when the small humans have treats that they share with me. In my previous home, I did not have much experience with interacting with other dogs. I get along fine with my canine sibling Sunny as long as she doesn’t try to steal attention away from me. I would enjoy being the only fur kid in my forever home so I would be assured of receiving all the tummy rubs, ear scratches and pats being offered. I do have some allergies, so I take medication to help control my prickly skin. I also eat grain-free fish and sweet potato food and eat healthy snacks, except for an occasional Ritz Cracker of course.

I acclimate easily to new situations and environments. With my sweet mellow disposition, I will make a wonderful addition to a loving forever family looking for a ready-made, well-mannered pal who doesn’t count birthdays.


12 Years Old