Status: Recent Adoptions

Let’s go! I love going for car rides! I like sitting in my kennel in the car (I feel more secure) and foster mom says I’m a really good girl during our travels.

My additional joys are playing with balls and plush toys and chewing on Nyla bones. Every person I meet during our walks is my friend, aren’t they? I just love attention

I’m 7-months old, with a shiny black coat: a golden mix!

My name is Sky, which sounds lovely, but realistically I need a dog-experienced forever parent to frequently bring me back down to earth. Foster mom says I’m a “bundle of energy.” Okay, I can see that.  Before coming to As Good as Gold, I had some negative experiences resource guarding my food from a young child. Foster mom’s been working with me on something called “Fair Trade,” so I need an owner who is willing to diligently continue that practice.

Listening to foster mom talk with other experienced As Good as Gold volunteers, I’ve come up with my very own “Must Have” list.

Must Haves in My Forever Home

  • A young, playful resident dog equal to my size and energy
  • No children under age 14
  • A fenced-in yard for extra exercise
  • Someone experienced with positive reinforcement training
  • Positive reinforcement classes
  • I’m a puppy, so need someone to be home most of the time

The key to handling my energy seems to be finding ways to really tire me out. These activities might include swimming, daycare (with appropriate level dogs), several good walks each day, intermittent training, and ball throwing in the backyard. Play groups with a few dogs can be fun, but too many dogs and dog parks overwhelm me.

Foster mom says, “Sky is a smart girl and eager to learn.” AND, foster mom told me that I’m paying better attention to her during walks, and “drop” what I pick up when she tells me to. (I like it when she’s proud of me!) I also recognize the houses of the people who have previously paid attention to me in the neighborhood. I stop at their houses and look for them to come see me again!

I’m a good sleeper at night. I sleep in a gated area near my furry foster brother.

I’m a sweet, happy, and playful puppy. (Foster mom said that too!) I just need the forever mom or dad who will be the right fit for me. I sure hope I will meet my forever family soon.