Status: Adopted

How about a wonderful, sweet natured boy who loves people and just being your companion?  I am all that and more.  I love to play with balls and ropes and will even bring a ball back to you when we play fetch.  I need indestructible toys though, I tend to make sure that there is nothing goofy inside of those stuffies.

I am a wonderful walking partner, but sometimes get afraid of the garbage truck and try to go the opposite direction.  I take a while to get used to other dogs, but as long as they are not in my face, I can tolerate being near them.  I don’t mind cats at all.  I like the comfy dog bed to take my naps on during the day and to sleep on at night.  I can also be a good cuddling partner and love when you are near me to give me attention and could have you pet me all day, but I am a gentleman and won’t bug you for pets.

My favorite thing to do is to accompany you on card rides.  It’s fun to see all the sights.  I am a wonderful passenger.  I love people, and when you come home, I am so happy to see you and I always am smiling that typical golden smile.  I have a favorite person that comes to visit me and I will give them a little howl to let them know how excited I am that they came to visit me.

Outside is my favorite place.  I love to roll around and itch my back in the grass, and run around a play, and I am always up for a game of fetch.  My favorite thing to do is just hang out and take in the sights and smells.

I have had some health struggles along the way, but As Good as Gold has taken amazing care of me.  I had really bad hips so they did surgery on both of them for me and also provided water treadmill therapy.  I feel so much better.  I will need to keep up on my walking so I can keep my muscles in good shape.  I also have had some kidney issues, but they are stable now and I am doing really well.  I would love to become part of your family and show you how grateful I am to have this second chance.


8 Years Old