Status: Adopted

Male, 13 Years Old

Are you looking for a sweet, petite, easy going boy?  I am a mix as you can see from my picture, my lineage is unknown, but I am very cute if I do say so myself.  I am only 35 pounds and love my people.  I get along with dogs and cats.

I am definitely a house dog, I will wander a bit in the big back yard, it’s just a short adventure and I come right back to the door after doing my business and will get comfy on the floor, or most likely you can find me on the couch or on the bed just relaxing.  When something exciting is going on, I will bark at whatever I see.  I really like my voice, so I use it a lot.

When it’s bedtime, I am the first to jump up.  I really like one of the dogs on my foster home and really try to get him to play with me.  My advances aren’t accepted, I even try pawing, sniffing and barking at him, but he just won’t play with me.  I want to get him to play a good game of rough house with me, but again, he just looks at me and tells me no.

I like to talk walks and I am very good on leash.  Sometimes if I want to go to the opposite side of my foster brother, I decide it’s much easier to just use him as my personal underpass.  It’s much quicker to take the direct route.

If you are looking for a great companion, one that just wants to hang out and relax with you, then I am your guy.  I will give you my paw and give you kisses to show you how much I love you.