Status: Adopted

Sasha got in line twice when they were giving out sweetness.” A quote from Sasha’s foster mom.

It’s going to be spring soon! I can sense it, as I’ve been through six previous springs. I’ll be able to take one of my stuffies outside. We’ll lie on the grass and smell the changes in the air: flowers budding, bunnies looking for places to build their nests, tennis balls rolling across the lawn.

I won’t be springing across the lawn myself. At this point, I simply enjoy the time I spend with my furry foster sister and my caring foster family. You see, I was found as a stray in Puerto Rico. I have a few fears, including thunderstorms. And if I know my foster dad is home, I like to be able to see him so I sometimes whine if he goes to the basement or garage.

My foster parents take me on drives in the car, though I need a little help getting in. I take a good snooze and leave all their things alone when I’m by myself in the house. I get along well with dogs I’ve met at the vet, but I’m not keen on cats. A long flight of stairs is a struggle for me. I have hip dysplasia, but luckily a common pain medication helps that.

My foster mom says I eat well, I sleep well, and that I’ve never had an accident in the house. She describes me as “quiet, cooperative, and a bit shy.” I’m no counter-surfer and I don’t beg for food. But, I sure do love to gobble up each meal I’m given!

I won’t be joining in any long walks, but I’d love to stay home with a family who loves me and whom I can love. I heard my foster mom say that I’m a “sweet, lovable girl.” Would you like to bring in the spring with a happy-hearted dog like me?

Female, 7 Years Old