Status: Adopted

Sargent Square

When my family moved, they asked As Good as Gold to become my caretaker. As a senior citizen, I had some issues that had to be addressed, so I was off to have a complete physical at a wonderful veterinary clinic. They cleaned my teeth and reminded me to brush them regularly to keep them pearly white! They also removed a benign tumor from my abdomen and something called a skin tag from under my eye. The doctor noticed that I had trouble getting up from a prone position and negotiating stairs was out of the question for me. He found I had some arthritis in my hips and knees and muscle atrophy in my hind limbs. At 100 pounds, I needed to lose some weight to take some stress off my legs and hips so I could move around more easily. My foster parents started giving me quality dog food, low calorie snacks and lots of walks. I also take a little pill that reduces joint pain and inflammation. Weight loss starts with putting one paw in front of the other and now I can walk 1 ½ miles without breaking a sweat, can climb up and down stairs with ease and have lost fifteen pounds. I look and act much younger than my eleven years now. Healthy eating and exercise have been key to my transformation. I’m a new man!

I love other dogs, especially my fur foster brother Lucky. My name is “Mr. Friendly” at the dog park we frequent where I am getting close to keeping up with the younger pups. Toys don’t interest me, but I do like to empty puzzle toys and Kongs of any treats….healthy ones of course! I can also be enticed to play a game of rope tug or participate in an occasional wrestling competition. I have a gorgeous uncontrollable tail that thumps and wags whenever anyone looks at me or I hear sweet talk coming my way.

As a senior, I will come to you ready-made to be your trusted companion immediately. Puppy behaviors are a thing of my past. There will be no potty training issues or chewed table legs to contend with. I’m a handsome gentle guy waiting to join you on car rides, lead the way on walks and accept cuddles and belly rubs from my forever family.


11 Years Old