Sapphire LTC

Rainbow Bridge

I was 9 ½ years old when I was given up to AGaG in January of 2011.  I was retired  from my mommy days so I could find a great family to take care of me.   Before being assigned a foster home, I was given a complete physical which revealed an abdominal tumor. After the surgery to remove the growth, I was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer and the prognosis was not good.  The veterinarian estimated that I would live 6-9 months so I became what’s called Long Term Care.  According to AGaG, “A long-term dog is any dog that has a medical, behavioral or other condition that causes the dog to be considered unadoptable.  Age alone should not be used as a determinant to classify a dog as unadoptable or LTC.”     There are special people out there that like to foster pups like me that offer to give us so much love and TLC.

At first, I was really scared of noises and thunderstorms.  I didn’t know how to walk on tile floors and was pretty nervous if I was by myself.  I used to freeze when someone petted me and I never wagged my tail and was quiet and timid.  I have a foster brother who showed me the ropes and now I have blossomed into a happy girl.  I bark when I see foster mom coming home from work and my tail excitedly swings when it’s time to eat.   I enthusiastically greet other dogs and children, and with the help of some medication to help with my arthritis, I can show off my show dog stance and still have a bounce in my step.

I definitely have showed the doctors that I can defy the odds and I have now lived 4 years past my diagnosis thanks to As Good as Gold and my foster mom.  Please consider helping me and other long term care dogs by making a donation and tell them that Sapphire sent you.  You can click here to help.  Thank you!!!


12 Years Old