Status: Adopted

They say that age is just a number and I definitely believe that is true. At ten years old, I am just a big puppy at heart.  I have lots of energy and joie de vivre.  You can tell how happy I am by my perpetually wagging tail especially when I am getting attention and pets. In my previous life, I wasn’t introduced to toys, so I’m not sure what to do with them. I know I don’t like the squeaking sound that some of them make. I have, however, learned to enjoy spending time licking and chewing my peanut butter filled rubber Kongs. The backyard is my playground and I love running full speed and enjoy the feeling of freedom my racing gives me. Sometimes I pick up dirt and rocks along the way, but I immediately drop the contraband when I am told to. I am just being introduced to walking properly on a leash. I do tend to weave back and forth a bit because I get distracted by watching the birds, squirrels and the people that I notice along the route. I am learning to stay on the left of my leader and follow directions.

When my family leaves, they ask me to stay in my crate. I don’t mind, because I just can’t control my curiosity and like to chew on paper and investigate all the areas of the house while they are gone. The crate keeps me safe from reprimands! I am reliable at night and am allowed to relax in the bedroom. When I am invited, I get to sleep with my people on their bed. I try not to move all night so that they will let me stay and cuddle. Treats are something new to me and I had to learn what they were and what to do with them. I didn’t take them off the floor or out of Foster Mom’s hand. She introduced these delicacies by gently placing them into my open mouth. Now I know what I was missing!

I am friendly to other dogs and would probably tolerate cats, although I have never met one! I hope to find a forever home where someone will be with me most of the time so we can share lots of kisses and hugs. A big back yard where I can enjoy marathon running and playing would be a plus. And, another dog to continue to help me learn the finer things in this wonderful golden life.  Foster Mom says that I am gentle, loving and have a sweet demeanor. What more could anyone ask for in a fur baby?


10 Years Old