Status: Adopted


The children in my home developed allergies and although they loved me and through no fault of my own, I had to move.

I am a plus size girl who is working on losing the extra pounds I have packed on. With my new healthy diet of quality food and healthy treats, I should be fit in no time! I look forward to my leash walks and I am very calm and never pull. The exercise I get on our long walks should also help with my weight loss plan.

Of course I love tennis balls! I am a Golden Retriever after all! Car rides are always a fun way to explore my surroundings and enjoy being close to my humans. I have never met a cat, so I am not sure how I feel about those little balls of fur.  I lived with two small dogs in my previous home and like to try and engage my foster sibling in playing with me. I have been busy working on learning some basic obedience commands. I already know leave it, drop it and come, but there is so much more to learn. Could continuing education classes be in my future?

Men sometimes make me a little nervous. When males come to my foster home, I usually scurry away and keep my safe distance so I can safely observe them. I may even bark at them to tell them I am not ready to meet them yet. After I become accustomed to their voices and feel sure that they will be gentle with me, I will accept their pats and ear rubs. Thunder storms also make me feel a little anxious, so I either get close to Foster Mom for comfort or just find a safe corner to curl up in and try to relax. Foster Mom calls me “Spunky” because I am always ready for new adventures and any attention offered. I show my spunky side when I grab the corner of a nearby throw rug and toss it in the air hoping to entice someone to join me in a wild game of chase the little rug. Sometimes I play “Grab The Sock” when my humans are getting dressed. I then strut around with it as if to say, “Look at me. Look what I’ve got!” Everyone thinks I am very entertaining.

After all the tennis balls are put away and the throw rugs are back in place, I look forward to cuddling in bed with my Foster Mom and giving her lots of sloppy doggie kisses. That’s my idea of a Golden life.


7 Years Old