Status: Adopted

Roxie Square

As Good as Gold came to my rescue when I was at a shelter.  They took me right to the vet who said I was very healthy and acted much younger than my reported age.   I have the sweetest personality and am always wagging my tail.  I don’t let my age slow me down and I am drawn to any activity going on around me that seems exciting.

I love to join my foster siblings for daily walks filled with interesting scents and the opportunity to locate the local rabbit population.  I might not be as fast or quick as the others, but my enjoyment comes at my own pace!

At day’s end I find that foster mom’s bed is a preferable place to relax than on my security blanket placed on the hard floor.  Because my hips don’t always cooperate in executing a jump onto the bed, my foster mom obtained some stairs to make ascending to a cozy spot easier for me. Now I can enjoy an afternoon nap or cuddle with my foster mom whenever the mood strikes me!

My wild puppy days are over and I am calm, well behaved and my manners are impeccable.  I love being treated like royalty.  My life changed from the doldrums to sunshine in a few short weeks and I am very content now.  The only thing missing is a permanent “palace” where I can continue to be treated like a princess by a furever family I can call own.  Are you willing to share your life with me?

14 Year Old