I am a petite dark red haired two year old Golden who was recently named valedictorian of my beginner obedience class. I have to admit that I am a quick learner and my aim is to please everyone. I am also a champion counter surfer, but with foster mom’s encouragement, I am learning to control my treat stealing obsession!

Balls! Did anyone say tennis balls? I love to play fetch inside and outside and will retrieve for as long as someone will toss them for me. My toy box is filled with lots of great stuff and I especially like my rope tug toy. It’s fun to entertain my family by tossing it around hoping someone will grab one end and pull. Rides in the car are almost as fun as playing ball.  While serenely watching the world go by from my seat next to a window, I get the added bonus of being close to my humans.  I am a great leash walker and when I am wearing my harness or gentle leader I don’t pull much.  I have lots of energy that I burn off in a nice back yard where I can run and explore to my heart’s content. My idea of a perfect day is one that is wet and stormy and I can roll in the soggy grass and any mud I can find. I need a lot of encouragement to come in out of the rain with promises of cookies and long towel rubs. My foster mom lovingly calls me “Pig Pen”.  I’m not sure why.

I am a typical friendly Golden who gets along famously with every person and canine I meet.  I think I am perfect in almost every way except that I have seizures.  I’m happy to say that since I started taking a new medication, this combination seems to be helping me a little bit. I am looking for a relatively calm family who will accept my improving medical condition in exchange for a promise of a lifetime of love, snuggling and companionship from a sweet girl with a delightfully playful personality.


2 Years Old