Status: Adopted

Rollo square 2

My name is Rollo.  Before coming to As Good as Gold, I was a mommy and didn’t get to see much of the world.  Now, I am living the golden life, but I still need to build my confidence with my new surroundings.  I will need to go to a home with another dog that can help continue to teach me the ropes.  After living in a crate before, I don’t like being in one now, and don’t like being left along for a long time.

I am a very sweet, calm and gentle girl.  I love everyone I meet, even kids.  I am very quiet and I don’t bark much, so I am a perfect houseguest.  I don’t know many commands, but I am very eager to learn.  I don’t go on the furniture and will sleep on a comforter right next to your bed to keep you company.

Loud noises are pretty scary to me, especially thunderstorms, but if you are there to keep me company, I am ok.  I also don’t like any kind of smoke, either cigarette smoke or smoke from outside like burning leaves.  Squirrels and rabbits are a lot of fun to chase, so I may not be the best with cats.

If you are looking for a sweet, gentle, beautiful girl, than look no further.  I am ready to come home with you.

6 Year Old