Rocky Square

In the movie series Rocky, protagonist Rocky Balboa is depicted as an everyman who started out by going the distance and overcoming obstacles that occurred in his life and career.  I am not a fighter, but I have been working hard to overcome my obstacles and become a golden success story.  I originally came from a home where rough play was the standard and good behavior was not taught or encouraged.  I barked incessantly and sometimes gently put my mouth on a hand to get the attention I wanted.  My foster parents have been working with me by using what they call positive reinforcement. To me, that means treats and sweet talk!  They are so proud of my improved behavior!   My fur foster siblings Jacque and Bella have taught me what is acceptable dog-to-dog behavior and I am learning how to play appropriately with them.

Foster mom says I am a very smart guy and a diamond in the rough.  I love to please my humans and even though I have a lot of energy, I also enjoy unwinding by putting my head on my foster mom’s lap to encourage a few pets and pats.  She tells me I am a love bug.

There won’t be a need to have a rodent control company come to your home if I live with you.  I chase squirrels and chipmunks who dare to venture into the yard, even at the cost of the hosta plants. I enjoy walks wearing a harness or gentle leader, but I run like the wind when off leash.  I am starting obedience classes where I can fine tune my good behavior and become a perfect family member.  As my namesake Rocky Balboa once said, “I guess if I can change and you can change, everybody can change.”  I’m ready for a change!


3 Years Old