Rico (Ginger)

Status: Success Stories

Ginger, a charmer from Puerto Rico, was helped by his foster dad through his anxiety from a very rough journey to the chilly north and diet needs with the help of his two seniors. After an island meet up in Paw Paw, MI, he handed over the leash and Ginger curled up and snoozed his way home. Within days, Ginger, now called Rico, settled into his new beds, claimed his yard and our hearts.  He’s a prince on walks, heads out to watch softball games, enjoys doggie ice cream cones, has been fishing, wading and has toured the local Tractor Supply.  Rico entertained at the monthly ladies’ wine group and they came with new toys and games and lots of attention.  The nice neighbor lady made him his very own quilt in the colors of his birthplace and it’s lovely to snooze in the shade with his cadre of admirers. Now that he’s walked right in and sat right down, we are looking forward to many more adventures with our island boy.

We are so thankful to As Good as Gold for all the support over the years. While not close by, we feel like cherished family of AGaG.  Adopting seniors is absolutely the best fit for our family – puppies are cute but seniors rock!