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Reilly Square

In 2013 I was chosen by Ponch and Maya, a bonded pair, as their new mom. But 18 months later they were gone after both had cancer months apart.  My house was too quiet and I needed some fur. Then O’Reilly entered my life. I discovered Reilly (I dropped the ‘O’) thrived on positive reinforcement and extra TLC. Every time I come home and before I can put down my purse or bags he brings me a toy, expecting me to play. The most heart warming thing he has done is bond with my 90 year old mother. From the moment he met her, he has laid next to her on the couch with his head on her lap. When not on the couch together, he watches her every move. He is very protective of his grandma. I know for me, adoption is the only way to find a new buddy. There are just too many wonderful dogs out there who need a forever home.