• Fenced in yard
  • Mentor dog that can help show me what dog life is like

I am a fearful dog and didn’t have exposure to normal things that dogs experience for the first 4 years of my life.  I like to be in my safe places inside to watch everything that is going on.  I like to be outside with all of the dogs in my foster home.  I have approached foster mom and dad for some pets which makes them very excited to see me starting to be ok with humans.

I am taking medication to help me with my fears, but it will be a long road for me to learn to trust and build confidence.  It is the most rewarding process to see a dog like me make the baby steps to learning how to be a dog.  I need a quiet and patient family to call my very own.

If you are up for adopting a dog like me, or are interested in me, please email