RB & Remy

Status: Success Stories


We adopted R.B. (formerly Rosebud) in May, 2011 from AGAG. She was 2 years old and a great addition to our family after the loss of our 15 year old golden.  The kids always wanted a puppy and although we thought a 2 year old was puppy enough, they still asked for a puppy.  So, we once again contacted AGAG.  After we met Remy (formerly Emmie) in August, 2016 we fell in love with her adorable face.  She was on her way to recovering from malnutrition and was very skinny, with long legs and very little hair on her tail.  After a few days, she settled in at home with our biggest issue being her barking the entire time in her crate.  We finally realized that she wanted to be by R.B., so we risked leaving her out all day and found that she followed R.B. and did whatever she did.  She is finally growing into her long legs and is doing really well.  We would never consider getting a dog from anywhere else but AGAG – we are 2 for 2!!!