Status: Adopted

Puglsee square

My family gave me up because they had no time for me.  I was an outside dog and have adjusted nicely to living inside.  I am a high energy girl and I love to play and run.  I am learning to play fetch, but only have the part down to go and get the toy, dropping it is still something I need to figure out.

I get along with other dogs but I don’t really play with them.  I have a fun game of stealing their toys.  Cats are another story.  I shouldn’t be in a house with them.  Young kids are not a good idea either.  I have too much energy and don’t want to share my toys.

I love belly rubs and just being with my people and getting all of the attention you will give me.  I don’t like loud noises or storms, but if I can be near you and comforted, I am ok.  During one storm, foster mom let me out of my crate and I beat her to her bed and snuggled in, belly up.  She rubbed my belly and I started snoring.  Guess that storm wasn’t so bad after all.

I am used to being in a crate when no one is home.  I like to take walks and walk nicely with my harness.  But, I am a typical youngster that will need to go to training to learn my manners.  I am a smart, curious and sweet and love your attention.  Do I sound like I could fit into your family?  Come and meet met and let’s see.

Age: 1 1/2