Princess square


Sadly, Princess went to the Rainbow Bridge.   She will forever be a part of the As Good as Gold Family.

I haven’t been living in my foster home for very long, yet I am ready to begin my new life in a forever home. When I was turned over to As Good as Gold, I had large masses removed from my arm pit and leg. They each weighed two pounds and were clearly causing me to have difficulty walking. The veterinarian told me not to worry because the pathology report showed that the masses were benign lipomas. I also had a little cosmetic work done to remove some skin tags from my face, sides and foot. My teeth were cleaned and now sparkle like my personality. No cavities or extractions for this senior girl! I had lots of stitches and had to wear a tee shirt to remind me not to scratch or lick the surgical areas while they healed. The stitches are out now and I just need to grow some fur back on the bare spots.
Kibble isn’t my favorite menu item, but I discovered if I hold out long enough, foster mom will add a little cheese or chicken to my bowl. Voila! Gourmet! I love to roam around in the back yard and check everything out, but I don’t do much running. Now that those cumbersome masses are no longer weighing me down and I take a little pill to help relieve arthritis pain that dogs my age often suffer from, I will be able to move faster. Of course, getting my weight down about fifteen pounds will also help me be more mobile.

I enjoy playing with my stuffies and cuddling on the coach if my foster siblings offer me some room, but I am happiest when I am close to my humans. When the treats come out or if I have a need for attention, I become the “Dancing Queen” and start sashaying around the room lifting my front paws, much to the delight of my foster family. Even though I am a senior, I still have a joie de vivre, am playful in spite of all my recent medical procedures and love being treated like the royalty that I am.


11 Years Old