Pooh Bear

Status: Adopted

Meet Mr. Congeniality! I live affably with three other dogs and two cats. My fur foster brother Sami and I are best buddies and I love to play tug and wrestle with him until we are exhausted. Afterwards, there is nothing better than some cuddle time with Sami and my foster mom. At night I like to sleep on her bed, am not a bed hog and I don’t move until morning.  Everything is an adventure to me. I love leash walks and I sit calmly and enjoy the scenery during car rides. “Sit”, “come” and “stay” are the only commands in my limited repertoire of obedience directives, but I am working on improving my compliance to additional commands.  I am especially responsive when yummy treats are being offered.

I need a little reassurance and time to feel comfortable when greeting strangers. Sometimes I hide behind my foster mom and bark and growl a bit. When I am sure that they pose no threat, I will welcome them into my personal space. I am accustomed to living with children, but because I am sometimes rather timid, I would prefer to live in a stress-free environment. Another dog would be very helpful to me.  Chew on items that aren’t mine? Never! I occasionally grab my foster mom’s slippers when she leaves me alone just so I feel close to her while she is away. When she returns, I get very excited and “talk” in my own special doggie language with lots of groaning and barking.

Everyone tells me how handsome I am with my beautiful coat which is highlighted by a white swath of fur on my chest. Foster mom says that my eyes would “melt stone” and I am a heart gripper. I think that is a compliment! I am eager to please my humans and always strive to be a good boy.  I know I will make a wonderful companion for a forever family who will give me love which I will return tenfold.


1 Year Old