Status: Adopted


I am light amber in color and LOVE to run after balls and return them.  Does that make me a Golden Retriever? Admittedly, I am not sure what my parentage is, but I share many wonderful traits of the Golden Retriever breed: lovable, well-mannered, intelligent with a great charm, easily trained, patient and gentle. I guess I am a marvelous mix of several pedigrees!  I am sweet and petite at 43 pounds.

When I arrived at my foster home, I was a little nervous about getting too close to Fishsticks the cat. I am more comfortable around him now, but I am still respectful of his space. I am very affectionate and enjoy being close to my foster mom and encourage her to give me belly rubs while I relax with her and the kitty on the couch.  I am not a wild and crazy girl and am most comfortable around dogs that are also calm.  I would rather turn the other cheek and walk away to avoid altercations when another canine exhibits any aggressive or reactive behaviors. When my leash appears, I do tail wagging spins in anticipation of an upcoming adventure. I am a confident relaxed walker, always try to stay in the heel position and never pull. All the basic obedience skills are second nature to me. I don’t hesitate to respond to “come” and “drop it” and I pop into a “down/stay” or “sit” in an instant when given the commands.

A peanut butter filled Kong and a rollicking game of tug are a few of my favorite things. I like playing with my humans, but can entertain myself by “burying” my toys under pillows and blankets or tossing them into the air for a game of solo fetch.  Counter surfing is out of the question and I don’t touch items that don’t belong to me. I really don’t like little kids, so a home without them would be a dream for me.  Unexpected household or street noises don’t startle me, but I would prefer a calm household where I can be the ultimate companion to my furever family.

Female, Mix

5 Years Old