Status: Success Stories

Fortunately for my husband Jay and I, we were selected. Our wait was long, but well worth it. Penny will always have a limp, but it adds cuteness to her happy dance that she performs throughout her day as she wiggles her back end. She is so full of joy to see us when we come home from work. She loves her older brother and sister, Gabe and Tanna, who have shown her the ropes and try to understand and accept Penny and her silly, goofy ways. Penny loves all the toys in the basket we have, but the basket often remains empty because she thinks her “job” is to pull them all out each day.
She is my shadow and is always close by. If I move, she moves with me. She just wants to be loved and appreciated. She loves our long walks and sniffing for “critters” from the forest preserve competing with Gabe and Tanna to find the best scents. We call it “puppy gold”. She is still working on her courage and confidence but shows great strides. We are truly blessed and grateful that Penny has become part of our family. We will always do our best to see that she has the best life we can offer. Penny is more than a penny. She is just priceless. Thank you, As Good As Gold, for allowing her to join our family.